Pediatric and Family Dentistry

The best prevention practices for oral health begin when that first tooth appears. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that the first visit to the dentist happens when the first tooth erupts or at least by the child’s first birthday. Penn Avenue Family Dentistry welcomes little ones, and we help parents learn all they need to know about keeping those little pearly whites in good condition.

Kids Love Our Pediatric Dentistry

A trip to the dentist can be stressful for little ones if they do not know what to expect. We take the extra time to get to know your child. We also help your child get acquainted with the dental office. There are all types of gadgets and interesting things that kids are curious about. We enjoy taking the time for show and tell. This helps ease any anxiety your child may feel.

Our gentle, compassionate chairside manner also helps put kids at ease. We know how alarming the sights and sounds of the dental office can be, but explanations, in terms kids can understand, go a long way in helping them adjust. We enjoy helping children learn about good oral hygiene and why it is necessary to keep their teeth in good condition. Starting your child early with pediatric dentistry is the first step on the road to lifelong oral health.

Your Family Dentist

Family dentistry is helpful on several levels. Children get to see their parents getting their teeth taken care of, and parents need only make one stop to have the family’s dental requirements addressed. At Penn Avenue Family Dental, all family members are welcome. From the youngest to the eldest, we provide excellent oral care.

There can be certain dental needs at every stage of life that should be addressed before they turn into serious issues. We take care of all those needs and provide you with the resources to keep the smiles in your family healthy and beautiful.

Make appointments for your family members by calling Penn Avenue Family Dental today. Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile. We help you achieve that.

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