The first prototype of dental braces was created in the 1700s. The earliest form of traditional metal braces dates back to the 1800s. During the 1940s, modern braces were worn only by the children, teenagers and young adults of the upper classes due to the expense and rationing of metal during the war. Traditional braces remain; however, they are not the only option for straightening teeth today. Invisalign aligners provide a variety of advantages over traditional metal braces.

Invisalign Aligners

Today teens and adults, old and young, have their teeth straightened without the hassles and restrictions required by metal braces. The Invisalign system of straightening teeth uses clear plastic aligners to move teeth into the desired position gently. Every two weeks, you get a new set of aligners to wear. The average patient using Invisalign can expect to go through approximately 20 to 30 trays during treatment.

Advantages of Invisalign

Patients prefer Invisalign because it allows more freedom from restrictions. You can continue to eat all your favorite foods, unlike traditional braces. Metal braces come with restrictions for sticky and hard foods. With Invisalign, you remove your aligners for eating and put them back in when you are finished. This means you can enjoy popcorn, apples, carrots and whatever foods you choose to eat. Sticky foods are not off-limits with Invisalign.

Oral hygiene is also easier with Invisalign. You can brush and floss your teeth as you normally do. Clean your aligners with warm (not hot) water and put them back in. There are no special tools needed to clean them. Traditional braces require meticulous cleaning to ensure that plaque does not buildup around the brackets, and you need to be cautious of the wires.

Traditional braces can be high maintenance as far as visits to the dental office for adjustments. The wires and brackets often cause sores on the tongue and soft tissues. Invisalign uses smooth plastic to move the teeth. They are more comfortable than traditional braces.

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